Overwatch: Busan Signage

These are the signage props for the city portion of the Busan map for Blizzard Entertainment's Overwatch. I was tasked with taking concepts of signage and creating 3d assets for them that could be placed around the city to help bring it to life. By far my favorite asset I've ever created was the inflatable cow, and a gigantic thank you to Jennifer Szmurlo who rigged it up to interact with bullets and wind!

All Overwatch Maps are a group effort. The following share in the credit of these works:
Bill Petras, Dion Rogers, Philip Klevestav, Simon Fuchs, Helder Pinto, Thiago Klafke, Phil Wang, Nate Bowden, Lindsay Johnson, Phil Wang, Lan-Fang Chang, Llia Yu, David Kang, Jennifer Szmurlo.
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